Classic Manicure | 30 mins This is your mani on the go! Buff, file, and regular polish. Topped with a quick arm and hand massage.

GEL Manicure | 45 mins Our Gel mani includes cuticle care, nail shaping, file, buff, and massage. Topped with long-lasting GEL polish.

“Pamper Me” Manicure | 50 mins Our signature mani includes cuticle care, nail shaping, file, buff, and massage. In addition to, your choice of an all-natural Shea Butter Candy Scrub, hot stone massage, and topped with non-toxic and vegan GEL polish.

BIAB Manicure | 45 mins BIAB (builder in a bottle) gel is recommended and formulated to strengthen weak and/or brittle natural nails. BIAB includes cuticle trim, nail trim, shaping, and hand massage. Finish off with BIAB gel color and gel color of your choice.

Dream Gel Liquid Builder | 45 mins Liquid builder that is formulated to strengthen your natural nails all while protecting your blood vessels under you nail plate. Ultimately leaving your nails healthier than ever with consistent blood circulation around cuticles leaving your nails and fingers to thrive as they should!!

Artificial Nails Enhancements

Gel X Extensions | 60 mins The new Gel-X is the only nail extension system with soft gel formula for convenient soak-off capabilities. Gel-X tips are created with soft gel to produce a lighter, healthier, and natural wear than the traditional acrylic set.

Gel X Extensions Fill | 45 mins Gel-X fill.

Dip Powder Manicure | 60 mins No polish needed! Just top coat on top of a 4-step dip powder system. Lasts longer than gel, wears like acrylic.

Dip Powder Manicure w/tips | 60 mins With tips.

Nailbox Acrylic Full Set | 60 mins Acrylic full set application topped with long-lasting GEL polish.

Nailbox Acrylic Fill | 45 mins Acrylic maintenance. Recommended every 2 to 3 weeks, depending on nail growth and condition.


Classic Pedi | 45 mins This is your Pedi on the go! Buff, file, and regular polish. Topped with a quick but relaxing foot massage.

Gel Pedicure | 60 mins Our signature pedi. Topped with a long-lasting GEL polish.

Brows and Lashes

Brow Lamination

Nailbox Signature Pedicures

Pearl Spa | 60 mins The Pearl Spa Pedicure is a unique combination of minerals and complex proteins to lighten and brighten the skin. With authentic infused pearls, this pedicure deeply moisturizes and soothes the skin with natural antioxidants.

Green Tea Honey | 60 mins The Green Tea Honey Pedicure has anti-aging properties and provides deep moisturizing nourishment to your skin. The harmonious combination of green tea and honey has amazing healing properties, increasing blood circulation resulting in a fresh, glowing, and revitalized appearance.

Milk + Honey | 60 mins A sweet and creamy retreat for the feet! The Milk + Honey Pedicure will reveal silky soft skin with natural milk and honey sugar exfoliation, with a butter blend massage to soothe the skin and replenish essential nutrients. Finishes off with Paraffin Wax.

Pomegranate + Fig | 60 mins The Pomegranate + Fig Pedicure includes a sugar scrub and butter wash, with a butter blend massage creme. This spa pedicure soothes, revitalizes, and leaves the skin fresh, clean, and ultra-smooth. The natural antioxidant properties from pomegranate and fig provide moisture and Vitamin C, leaving you with refreshed, well-hydrated skin. Finishes off with Paraffin Wax.

Coconut-Pineapple | 60 mins The Coconut-Pineapple Pedicure includes a combination of soothing and moisturizing natural oils and aloe vera to exfoliate dry and tired feet. Sugar scrub, massage creme, and masque are included.

Tangerine Orange | 60 mins The Tangerine Orange Pedicure has all the revitalizing ingredients of the Coconut-Pineapple pedi, but instead with the flavors and scents of tangerine + orange. Sugar scrub, Massage creme, and masque are included.

Cryoskin (NEW)

The future is here! The non-invasive fat loss and body contouring technology that can shave inches exactly where you need it. Learn more at

Slimming and Body Toning

Single Session

3 Sessions

5 Sessions

10 Sessions

Facial Toning

Single Session

5 Sessions

10 Sessions

Celluma Light Therapy

Celuma light therapy improves cellular health to reduce signs of aging, relieve pain, and eliminate acne.

Celluma Light Therapy

Single Session

5 Sessions

10 Sessions

NORMATEC Dynamic Air Compression Therapy

Revolutionary compression therapy that is great for circulation (great for diabetics, cancer patients, etc) and also great for lymphatic drainage which makes it ideal to use with Cryoskin treatments.

• Increases blood flow / circulation

• Promotes healing and recovery

• Decreases muscle fatigue after acute exercise

For women, it’s also great for helping with varicose veins and cellulite (perfect for after Cryoskin sessions)

NORMATEC Dynamic Air Compression Therapy

per minute

Full Body Treatment $60 | 60 min

Legs 30 min

Arms 15 min

Hips 15 min

Full Body Treatment packages

5 Sessions

10 Sessions

Mani-Pedi Combos

Classic Duo | 75 mins Our classic mani/pedi combo. Quick lavender salt soak, cuticle care, nail shaping, file, buff, regular polish, and massage.

Signature Package | 90 mins Our most popular combo! The Signature Package is our top seller. It’s a perfect choice for relaxation and routine maintenance. Be pampered with an organic lavender scrub, heated towels, and a rejuvenating massage. Cuticle care, nail shaping, file, buff, scrub, and polish. Includes long-lasting GEL mani and signature pedi.

GEL Duo | 90 mins Our classic mani/pedi combo topped off with long-lasting gel polish. Quick lavender salt soak, cuticle care, nail shaping, file, buff, regular polish, and massage.

For your Mini

Mini Mani | 15 mins Start them young! Children 10 and younger.

Mini Pedi | 20 mins Children 12 or younger.

Mini Deluxe | 35 mins Mani & Pedi (12 Yrs & younger)

Nails Enhancements

Accent Design (per nail) Finish off your mani or pedi with accent designs on two nails of choice.

Stamp Art (2 fingers)

Polish Change Feet

Gel Removal (non-NailBox gel)

Hot Stone Pedicure Massage upgrade

Nail repair (within 7 days – no cost)

Feet Masque

Mint Salt Soak

10 Finger Custom Nail Design 10 finger custom design using 2+ colors, ombre painting, and/or free form design.

10 Finger Crystal Application

Gel Polish Change Hands

Gel Polish add-on

Cuticle Trim

Additional Massage 5 Mins

Sugar Scrub

French tips

Polish Change Hands

Gel Polish Change Feet

Single Acrylic Nail Enhancement/Fix

Artificial Nails Removal Includes, acrylic, Gel-X, and dip powder.

Paraffin Wax

Callus Removal

Lemongrass + Lavender Salt Soak

Hair Removal Services

Upper Lip Waxing

Eyebrow Shaping & Design


Half Leg

Abdomen Strip

Chin Waxing


Half Arms

Full Leg


Eyebrow Routine Maintenance

Full Face

Full Arms




Brightening Facial The Brightening Facial targets dark spots and hyperpigmentation while brightening your skin. Cleansing, exfoliation, toning, brightening mask, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

Free + True Facial Elevate your complexion and natural glow with all natural infused ingredients. Ideal for all skin types, this deep-cleansing facial gently resurfaces your complexion, minimizes pores and refines your skin tone. Includes, Cleanser, toner, honey enzyme mask, hydrating serum, vitamin c, moisturizer, and facial oil.

Signature Mini Facial NailBox Skin’s Signature Mini Facial treatment includes cleansing, toning, honey enzyme mask, and moisturizer applying natural ingredients back to the skin.

Signature Back Facial Our Signature Back Facial begins with a gentle steaming to open pores and lift impurities to the surface of the skin, followed by a deep cleansing and exfoliation. The treatment will conclude with a customized HydroJelly mask which will soften, hydrate, and clarify the skin.

Goji Jelly Mask

$1 per minute